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Intro to Pre Work

We know what we are doing, you should know too. Learn the process we have polished to make you learn 2 years of content in just a few weeks.

Flipped Around

There are a lot coding courses out there; some are even free. If you joined 4Geeks Academy, it’s because you are just like us. You truly believe that hard-to-learn skills like Coding require much more than just online articles/videos or tutorials that make you feel everything is easy.

Coding is hard because it can only be learned by large amounts of practice, face-to-face mentoring, and real life challenges.

So, we came up with this online platform. These contents will guide you throughout the program. There will be many many exercises/projects. The class will focus on enabling you. We will present you with one challenge after the other, but always with senior developer eyes looking at your process to assist you and help you out. BreatheCode is the place to read, learn and practice until you permanently affix everything into to your brain.

So You’d Rather Not Read Much!?!?

You want to learn what will be the most wanted skill for the next 30 years, but you don’t want to read at all – we get it.

We have made a huge effort in summing things up. Everything you’ll find here will be the bedrock of your skills. There is nothing to "skip over." Your journey has already begun and you can’t miss anything. We will follow every step of your learning path. The Pre-Work is probably the most important phase to your becoming a web developer. Here you will understand the foundation of your skills and you will learn to love it like we do!

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But What If You Already Think You Know?

There are some of you who already have some coding experience (mostly with HTML and CSS), and some of you with no experience at all. That’s the main reason why this stage of the program is known as Pre-Work. We need to assess the level of experience of each member of the program. Pre-Work also enables us to to get to know you. Knowing about your learning process and learning curve helps us guide you towards achieving the best possible results.

We really need to get to know you better. We need to be sure that you have what it takes to complete the program. It’s going to be intense, and you will feel exhausted, but don’t fret on it. We have been doing this for a while and we feel you!

This Course Works, But You Have To Trust Us

The human brain requires a lot of energy to make any decision, especially when a lot of variables take part in the equation. This course is hard because we are re-designing the way you make decisions: you will have to think similar to the way computers think. A time will come in which everything becomes an acquired behavior.

If you feel overwhelmed and confused, ask for help!! And, keep up the hard work – you will make it! All the lessons are cumulative – meaning every exercise will require you to use all you have learned in the past.

Please Ask for Help!

Have you read about Einstein? Really smart people are the ones who always ask more questions. They are not afraid of not knowing or making mistakes. The only way we can really help you is if you accept our mentorship by asking for help.

Coding Tools

When we started the Academy, each student had the freedom to install their own set of coding tools and programs. However, we discovered that students wasted too much time installing and setting up each program. They invested more time doing that than actually learning to program.

So, now it’s up to us!! We have decided what stack of programs you need – some of them are mandatory – to use/download during the program. Don’t worry, you’ll be happy with us!!

Yeah, yeah, we know some of you already have your own tools, but let’s keep that conversation for another time. For now, closely follow our suggestions and give us the opportunity to tell you how to go about it all.

Shuhari is a Japanese martial art concept, and describes the stages of learning to mastery, [click here to read more](https://google.co.ve)

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