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How To Search In Google

Simple guide, tips & tricks to save time and get exact results in google


  1. Always add the programing language at the end: This is simple, any question you ask on google has to have the programming language at the end: How to bla bla bla javascript or How to bla bla bla python.
  2. Remove things that only apply to you: If you are adding people into an array, that is probably to specific, what you are really adding is probaly strings into the array.
  3. Beware using the framework as a keyword: If you search how to add a new task to array in react
  4. Pick your words very wisely: Your goal is to get right to the answer, if you really know what you are doing you can be more specific on your word selection:
Bad choice of wordsGood choice of words
How to add a student to an arrayappend item array js
How to get 10 random colorsget random color js
how to add a new task to array in reactadd item to array in js
  1. Use familiar sites: W3Schools, Stack Overflow, Mozilla MDN, Medium Posts, DevTo, Github and Discourse Forums.
  2. When using StackOverflow

  3. Stack overflow will starts with someone asking a question, check if the question is similar to yours.
  4. Read some of the main answers and pick the answer you feel will help you the most.
  5. Read the answer first: Do no't just copy and past the answer, it will NEVER work as it is writen.